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Iowa HP is a three-tier program consisting of tryouts, an individual skills camp and selection to our Iowa HP travel teams.   Through these programs, we are charged and committed to select, develop, and help support athletes who will represent the Iowa Region with the ultimate objective of winning medals at the USAV National High Performance Championships and other national and international competitions if the opportunity should arise.

To take part in Iowa High Performance, you must be a member of the Iowa Region, or live in Iowa or go to school in Iowa and participate in HP Tryouts.

Our Iowa HP experience is 3-tier and includes: 
  • Tryouts
  • Iowa HP Individual Camp, and
  • Representation at the USAV High Performance National Championship tournament!    

From tryouts, select players will be invited to attend the Iowa HP Individual Camp  which provides an exceptional experience for all of our attending athletes. Athletes will train alongside the Regions' best athletes...by a high caliber coaching staff, where elite USA coaches will lead and top collegiate staff will assist. Follow THIS link to the IA HP Camp page for more information.

Also from our training camp, our Iowa travel teams will be selected to compete at the 2016 USAV HP Championships (in Fort Lauderdale, FL). We are extremely proud of our history, our competitiveness and our affiliation within the National HP pipeline. Follow THIS link for more information.

Here is a brief explanation of the training opportunities for each age group:
Girls Youth National Team (GYNT--birth years 2000-2001) and Girls Select (GSEL--birth years 2002 and after*): Players who want to be part of the Iowa HP program must attend an HP tryout. From the tryouts, the HP staff will select ~60 players in each age group to attend the HP Camp, June 9-12, 2016 (Simpson College). At the HP Camp, ~10 players in each age group will be selected to play on the Iowa HP travel team, and compete at the USAV HP National Championships in July.  In 2016, we intend to field one GSEL team and two GYNT travel teams.

*Future Select (FSEL--birth years 2004-2005):  Campers in the Future Select age group tryout with the regular GSEL age group for a spot at the GSEL camp. From the group of Future Select athletes which were not selected for the 4-day GSEL camp, we will select 25-35 players and invite them to attend a one day Future Select HP Pipeline camp on Saturday June 11, 2016.

Women's Junior National Team (WJNT--birth years 1997, 1998 & 1999): Players in this age group attend tryouts in hopes to earn a spot on the travel team. ALL travel team players will be selected from tryouts for WJNT. Travel team members will be required to attend an abbreviated 2-day training block in conjunction with the HP camp in June, Thursday June 9 and Friday June 10.

Boys: Any male athlete who desires to be part of the Iowa HP program must attend an HP tryout. From the tryouts, the HP staff evaluate players for placement at the June training camp (current numbers indicate that all BOYS who would like to attend HP Camp, may--the tryouts are simply for placement at camp.) At the HP Camp, ~10 players will be selected to play on the Iowa HP travel team, and compete at the USAV HP National Championships in Fort Lauderdale, FL in July.  The roster can be comprised of any boy born 1999 or after.  More info on the IA HP Camp page.

A BIG thank you to GTM our High Performance Region Sponsor for all their help with our Iowa HP Camp and travel team clothing. GTM's continued support makes this venture possible for our camp and travel teams. 

Visit:  http://gtmsportswear.com/ for great sales on individual needs as well as team supplies.