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Step 1:  Go to the Iowa region website: www. (You are here this step completed)

Step 2: Click on Access your USA Membership Here, found under the Top banner
                on every page. 

  • You need to be a current registered Iowa Region Member.
  • FYI: Your login is through your membership. Your username and password are the one associated with your membership.  All Academy usernames and passwords from previous years are inactive.

Club Referee and Score clinics must be taken online. 

  • They will be good till the current rule book expires. If you passed the clinics in 2015-16 you do not have to take them again till the 2017-18 season.  If you take them this year your certification will ONLY be good for this upcoming season.  Everyone will need to take the courses again beginning in the 2017-18 season.
  • It is recommended that each player and staff take the clinic on their own instead of in a group. 
  • If parents take the clinic with their athlete this will be acceptable, but the parent must send an email to the region office with the name of the attendees and whose name the clinic was viewed under.
  • Teams may have the players in the same room taking the clinics on their computers, but the athletes should take the test themselves. This is to insure they know the materials.
  • If younger teams are having issues please contact or

Steps 3-6 See graphics to the left 

Step 3: Open the USA Volleyball Events tab and then the Region Clinics tab. 

Step 4: Click on Region Ref/Score Clinic

Step 5: Choose clinic and click Register Now- see graphic below
Step 6: Once registered you can click on USAV Academy button in the confirmation email or return to your membership at any time and click the USAV Academy button.


How to Register for a Clinic printable files   Word    PDF


How do I get back in to take the modules.

1. Go to your membership page

2. Click the Red USAV Academy button- see Step 6 Above.

3. Then your course selection will appear. Hit the Go button and advance through the PowerPoint module. At the end there will be a quiz. 

4. If you do not pass the quiz it is best to retry immediately instead of coming back to the module.

5. If you have an issue hit the help button and a ticket will be sent out to 3 of us on staff- it is better than sending emails to any of us because we get alerted with weveral methods. Success rate for the system is running at 97% so there should be very few issues- Yeah for the new delivery system.


Junior Officials Clinics- If you took and passed the Club Referee or Club Scoring certifications for the 2015-16 season, you will not need to take the clinics this season. In fact you will not get the option to register for the clinics. 

If you want to review for this next season go to

You can review the materials for free. You can pick sections in the modules if you want. Best yet no tests.
If you need to take the clinics read on for instructions.