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General IMPACT Information

IMPACT (Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory) is the entry level coaching certification required by USA Volleyball. 

  • All coaches are required to complete their IMPACT training course and become IMPACT Certified. This requirement helps cover liability issues for the Regions, Junior Clubs, Junior Teams and Junior Coaches.
  • Once IMPACT certified, the certification remains on your membership from year to year in Iowa. Currently, there is no recertification process...it follows your renewal automatically. If you have IMPACT, you won't need to do it again.
  • All coaches, regardless of their age (juniors who are also coaching or adults) or role (assistants, volunteers, head coaches)  need to be IMPACT certified.   
  • IMPACT certification should be complete before first contact....practices or competition.
NEW 2016-17 PROCESS:
  • IMPACT has been divided into two parts:  IMPACT Part A & IMPACT Part B.  Part A certification is required of all first year coaches and must be completed prior to being placed on a roster.  IMPACT A does include the mandatory SafeSport training as well.  All coaches set to coach in an out of Region event, a Qualifier or other National level event this season, must also complete Part B before that event. All other coaches must complete Part B before the coaches' second season begins.  
  • Part A is available online and Part B is available in a classroom or through an Iowa Region webinar format.  Both can be completed free of charge.  
    IF a coach desires a full On Demand format (which includes SafeSport, Part A and Part B) USAV offers a full IMPACT course (7+ hours) for a $40 fee, on demand.  Find info on that for-fee option HERE.
  • DEADLINE - all coaches must be IMPACT certified (minimum Level A) before they are placed on a roster.  Coaches and assistant coaches should be certified before their first contact--practice or competition.  
  • High School coaching certifications do not fulfill this requirement.

For IMPACT Inquiries:
Contact Education Director, Michelle Goodall


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2016-2017 IMPACT Certification Process:

 Part A INCLUDES the mandatory SafeSport course.  New coaches will not need the stand alone SafeSport course. Follow THIS LINK for information on SafeSport)


All coaches will need IMPACT A & IMPACT B by the start of their second season, but for this year, coaches will need:
  • The full course, IMPACT A and IMPACT B if they intend to coach in any qualifying events, out of Region events or at any national level events.  OR, 
  • Just IMPACT A this year if they intend to only coach local, regional, non-qualifying events.   In this non-qualifying situation, IMPACT B won't be required until the start of their 2nd season.  
  • Full IMPACT Online, on-Demand through USA Volleyball. This course includes SafeSport, IMPACT A and IMPACT B. Approx 7+ hours. $40  
  • IMPACT A.   This course contains SafeSport & IMPACT A. Online.  Approx 3 hours.  Free.  Course found in Webpoint under the "Region Coaching Clinics" tab.  START HERE.
  • IMPACT B.  This live online webinar or on site classroom clinic is offered free through Iowa Region.  Prerequisite: IMPACT A.  Approx 2.5 hours.  Free.  Course options and dates found in Webpoint under the "Region Coaching Clinics" tab.  START HERE.
  • NEW IMPACT B offer (as of 3/10/2017):   
    For our coaches who took IMPACT A online and now need IMPACT B there is an On Demand option for you (to save you from retaking the part A and SafeSport portions).  If you have IMPACT A on your record, but need just B, follow THIS LINK for an On Demand Option.  $40