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Sitting Volleyball rules are quite similar to its standing counterpart.  

Major differences include:

  • In Sitting, you may block a serve.
  • In Sitting, the court is smaller (6x10m)
  • In Sitting, the net is much lower (1.15m for men, 1m for women)
  • In Sitting player position is determined by the placement of the player's butt as there aren't 'foot faults'.
  • In Siting, the net fault is called when the top net tape is touched during the act of playing the ball.
  • In Sitting, while playing the ball, the athlete must have at minimum a small portion of the butt (technically the backside, from the butt to the shoulders) remain in contact with the floor.  No 'butt lifts'. 
  • In Sitting, touching the opponent’s court beyond the centerline with a hand is permitted, if some part of the penetrating hand remains either in contact with or directly above the centerline. To contact the opponent’s court with any other part of the body is forbidden. The player may penetrate into the opponent’s space under the net, provided there is no interference with the opponent.